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Art is not what you see

but what you make others see

                                            Edgar Degas

Buy Fine Art Photographic Prints

Brian Aris has been photographing celebrities since 1976. His library represents one of the U.K’s largest photographic archives with an exclusive and unique selection of celebrities from the world of music, acting, literature, politics and British royalty. 


Throughout the explosion of pop music in the seventies, eighties and nineties bands and singers were photographed by Brian. The library contains images ranging from Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones, The Who, Roxy Music, Police and Sting through to the beautiful Debbie Harry from Blondie, Kate Bush, Annie Lennox and Madonna. 


Many of the photographs have appeared in exhibitions. From the celebrated French Arles show to a recent exhibition at the Royal circle of Art in Barcelona. Two exhibitions of Debbie Harry photographs have appeared in London and one show titled “War zones to the red carpet” had a U.K. museum showing in 2013. That exhibition displayed some of Brian’s early photojournalism from Northern Ireland, Vietnam and the famines in Africa alongside his celebrity work. His interest in Africa has kept him involved with Sir Bob Geldof and The Band Aid charity and Brian has been the photographer responsible for all the exclusive Band Aid photography since its beginning in 1983 to the recent BandAid30 recording in 2014.

ArisPrints website offers limited edition fine art photographic prints, signed and numbered by Brian Aris and carrying his embossed archive stamp.


Celebrating George

Our new limited edition, hard back book of images covering the early days with Wham though to the last session George did with Brian in 2006.


Print Options

All limited edition prints are signed by Brian Aris and are numbered and carry an embossed stamp. They are dispatched with a certificate of authentication.

Prices and edition sizes shown below are standard but may vary depending on the image.

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Edition Size

Price (GBP)

















Larger sizes are available to order upon request.

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